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İmera Armchair

Giving a different feeling to your homes with the natural effect of green color, the Imera Single Sofa changes the air of your room with its special design golden color decorations and motifs.

İmera Bedstead

Receiving appreciation with its form and texture, the Imera Bedstead makes you wake up to happier mornings with its decorative outlook and the soothing effect of the green color.

İmera Commode

Catching eyes with its perfect stance, the Imera Commode is ready to be one of the most important parts of your home aesthetics with its special design feet and handy structure.

İmera Sofa

The Imera Sofa standing out with its flawless design adds quality to your living spaces with its stylish motifs, golden color special designs and massive foot structure.

İmera Tv Unit

Displaying the elegance of simplicity with its lean design, the Imera Tv Unit changes the atmosphere of your home with its decorative feet and special design golden color details.

İmera Console

Exhibiting elegance with its stylish stand, the Imera Console combines the fine details with a striking interpretation. It changes the air of your room with its special metal foot design and golden color details.

İmera Table

Appealing to the eye with its unique stance, the Imera Table offers you elegance. It changes the air of your homes with its marble surface and stylish foot design.

İmera Center Table

Appealing to the eye with its aesthetic stance, the Imera Coffee Table creates a deep impression in your room with its elegant appearance. Luxurious details such as its thin metal feet and marble surfaces add an irresistible charm to the product.

İmera Chair

Catching eyes with its elegant appearance,the Imera Chair stands out with its unique design. It provides a soothing stance with its form and velvet texture.

İmera Side Table

The Imera Side Table standing out with its lean design, displays a stylish appearance with its handy structure. Its marble-look surface and special design golden color feet add a unique stance.

İmera Dining Room Set

The Imera Dining Room will change the atmosphere of your room with its perfect design. The use of golden color in its design creates an elegant atmosphere with metal console feet.