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Salyangoz Sofa

Designed with a novel design approach, the Snail Sofa stands out with its luxury look. Thanks to the great curves on the sofa heads and handwork quilted, it brings a breath of fresh air to luxury design style.

Salyangoz Console

Appealing to the eye with its noble stance, the Snail Console changes the atmosphere of your homes. It combines craftmanship and art with oval curvy details and color preference in its design.

Salyangoz Table

Displaying a great stance with its special design, the Snail Table offers a unique experience. It creates a unique atmosphere with its distinctive design and handwork quilting details.

Salyangoz Center Table

Exhibiting an above the line design with its novel appearance, the Snail Coffee Table changes the air of your room. Its circular feet and glass surface add aesthetic value to the product.

Salyangoz Chair

Offering a natural elegance with its lean design, the Snail Chair stands out with its handy structure. Its specially designed metallic color feet and comfortable structure make you feel valuable.

Salyangoz Armchair

Bringing a new interpretation to luxury style with its magnificent stance, the Snail Single Sofa is waiting to take its place in your homes. It redefines elegance with handwork quilting, color preference and embroidery on wooden parts.

Salyangoz Dining Room Set

Standing out with its unique design, the Snail Dining Room transforms your home into a centre of attraction. It is changing the air of your room with its curved details on the console, custom design chairs and a leather table foot furnished with handwork quilted.

Salyangoz Sofa Set

Consisting of 2 armchair and 1 sofa, the Snail Sofa Set stands out with its unique design.
With its curvaceous details on the sofa heads, handwork quilting and the choice of elegant color, it reflects the luxuy design understanding to your living space.