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Displaying a stylish stance with its sophisticated design, the Gold Single Sofa adds elegance to your homes with its stylish massive feet, decorative leopard-patterned back and texture.


Giving a different feeling to your homes with the natural effect of green color, the Imera Single Sofa changes the air of your room with its special design golden color decorations and motifs.


Catching eyes with its aesthetic appearance, the Lenka Single Sofa brings the luxury style to your homes with its special design golden color stylish feet and decorative lines on it.


With its modern design, the Voyage Single Sofa will reflect your style to your living space with its oval structure and massive foot.


The Buffalo Single Sofa offers you a different experience with its sophisticated design. It catches the eyes with its metal details and color.


Blending luxury style with modern effects, the Concorde Single Sofa changes the atmosphere of your homes. It displays a decorative appearance with its color preference and metal details.


Touching your soul with its noble appearance, the Capsule Single Sofa adorns your living spaces with all its glory. With the preference of black color, handwork details in wooden parts and stylish design, it reflects the Luxury design approach to your living spaces.


Having a stylish design, the Pauline Single Sofa appeals to those who are looking for comfort and elegance together. It displays a wonderful stance with its color preference and handwork quilted details.


Bringing a new interpretation to luxury style with its magnificent stance, the Snail Single Sofa is waiting to take its place in your homes. It redefines elegance with handwork quilting, color preference and embroidery on wooden parts.


With its eye-catching design, the Sunshine Single Sofa enhances the comfort of your living spaces. It reshapes your aesthetic perception with its soothing color preference and charming design.


The Travel Single Sofa, a well-implemented example of the Luxury style, touches your soul with its form and texture. Specially designed golden color strips of the Travel Single Sofa, which combines comfort and elegance, catch the eyes.


The Tulip Single Seat, which is preferred by the ones looking for luxury in their living spaces, stands out with its comfort and texture. Its stylish feet and soothing color in its special design are remarkable.