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Bufalo Side Table

The Buffalo Side Table, eyeful with its novel design, changes the atmosphere of your room. With its special design metal feet, it reveals the spirit of your room.

İmera Side Table

The Imera Side Table standing out with its lean design, displays a stylish appearance with its handy structure. Its marble-look surface and special design golden color feet add a unique stance.

Lenka Side Table

The Lenka Side Table which has an elegant look displays an eyeful beauty with its form and texture.

Space Side Table

The Space Side Table, eyeful with its modern design, displays a decorative stance with its glass surface and special design metal feet.

Travel Side Table

The Travel Side Table, which appeals to those with fine tastes exhibits a perfect elegance with its marble look.

Tulip Side Table

The Tulip Side Table, reflecting its luxury design approach successfully to your living spaces, stands out with its color preference and stylish design.