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Bufalo Dining Room Set

The Bufalo Dining Room with its stylish and simple design is ready to take its place in houses with its modern stance. It looks elegant with its metal feet, special design chairs and stylish details in its console.


The Imera Dining Room will change the atmosphere of your room with its perfect design. The use of golden color in its design creates an elegant atmosphere with metal console feet.

Lenka Dining Room Set

Combining brown and pink colors, the Lenka Dining Room offers a completely different experience further than you know. The design in which golden color is mainly used stands out with its special design table feet and marble surface


Standing out with its unique design, the Snail Dining Room transforms your home into a centre of attraction. It is changing the air of your room with its curved details on the console, custom design chairs and a leather table foot furnished with handwork quilted.


The Sunshine Dining Room, in which fine details integrate with a striking interpretation, creates a spacious atmosphere in your home with its decorative view. With its marble look on console and table surface and stylish table foot design, it reflects the modern design concept to living spaces.


Standing out with its unique design, the Travel Dining Room draws attention with the use of soft colors. Through its marble table, stylish chairs and console the white stance of which is supported with golden color details, it offers you all the privileges to feel special.