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Having a modern design, the Clan Table makes your living spaces a better quality place with its two feet decorated with special design golden color details and its perfect appearance.


Displaying an aesthetic appearance with its stylish design, the Silver Table appeals to the eye with its polka dot patterned marble surface, special design ring-shaped stylish feet.


Reflecting the tranquil effect of blue color to your home, the Voyage Table changes the air of your room with its modern design and special design golden color feet.


Standing out with its plain design, the Buffalo Table increases the quality of your living spaces. It stands out with the simplicity in its design and metal foot design.


Appealing to the eye with its unique stance, the Imera Table offers you elegance. It changes the air of your homes with its marble surface and stylish foot design.


Displaying a unique appearance with its aesthetic design, the Capsule Table stands out with its decorative appearance. It makes a difference with its marble surface and special design feet.


The Lenka table, which successfully appliesthe Luxury style, exhibits dignity in your living spaces. Its marble surface and the special design golden color feet display an eye-catching elegance.


Displaying a great stance with its special design, the Snail Table offers a unique experience. It creates a unique atmosphere with its distinctive design and handwork quilting details.


Creating difference with its plain and stylish design, the Sunshine Table reveals a unique design line. It invites you to the sparkling world of Luxury style with its special golden color metal feet and marble surface.


Offering a decorative look with its sophisticated style, the Travel Table is ready to take its place in your homes with all its glory. It will make you feel special with its marble look and unique design.


Catching eyes with its unique design, the Tulip Table brings luxury and elegance to living spaces. With its marble look and special design golden color strips, it increases your quality of life.